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For Parents

Give your student a head start towards a fulfilling career in tech

Is your high school student interested in coding and technology?

For most, learning how to code can be challenging. We provide online coding education with 1:1 mentorship from a professional software developer so that your student can learn with the help of an expert.

How it Works


Your student learns how to code web applications using an online curriculum we provide


Each week, a dedicated coding mentor will meet with your student over video chat


During the semester you'll receive weekly progress updates + grades for their assignments


No coding knowledge necessary

Our mentors are professional software developers who help guide your student through the curriculum and can answer any question.


Your student can learn from anywhere

We use online-based coding curriculum and video meeting software so that your student can participate anywhere in the U.S.


Easily monitor your student's progress

When your student completes an assignment, the mentor provides a grade and you're notified via a weekly email update.


A portfolio for future employers

With each completed coding assignment, your student builds a GitHub portfolio to demonstrate their skills to future employers.

Developed by tech & education professionals

Code Apprentice was founded by experienced tech professionals and developed in partnership with schools and chambers of commerce to provide any high school student (public, private or homeschooled) a way to learn in-demand coding skills and have a clear path towards a fulfilling career in tech.

Mentors work for companies like:

Our commitment to parents

All coding mentors are interviewed and given a thorough background check to ensure that each student is working with someone who is qualified and trustworthy.